Tommy Mertz

Age:  27

Hometown:  Lakeville, MN

Occupation:  Consultant

Season Bib:  15

Wins:  0

Runner Ups:  0

3rd Places:  1

Podiums:  1

Top Ten Positions:  3

Mens World Ranking 2016/2017:  14th

Mens World Championship 2016/2017:  15th

Competing Since:  Saint Paul 2013

When did you learn to skate?

-5 or 6. First rollerblading with friends, led to skating and hockey. Spent just as much time building ramps in the summer as we did playing hockey in the winter.

Did you play hockey growing up?


What other sports did you play growing up?

-Lacrosse, snowboarding a lot, roller blading, BMX, etc.


If you could do anything non-athletic in your spare time, what is it?

-I would say cabin weekends. They sometimes get athletic with games and water sports, but I love to hang out with friends/family around the fire or get up early and go fishing.

Are there any other good hobbies that you have?

-Hobbies tend to change a lot, but as of late I enjoy running, skate boarding (long boarding specifically), wake surfing, biking, anything with my dog, hunting/fishing.

Describe going down an icecross downhill track for the first time:

-Unique. You can never fully prepare for a track so it’s a leap of faith and you feel like you are riding the line of being out of control the whole time. Gets the adrenaline going.

How long have you been competing in ice cross downhill?
-I always mess this number up – 6 years I believe.

What first got you interested in the sport?
-Cam. He came down one weekend to try it out and after watching him go through the weekends event I knew I would be doing it as soon as it came back.

If there is one piece of advice that you could offer new riders, what would it be?
-Find guys who are training and train with them, or train like them! Lots of guys doing some awesome things to prepare and the competition is getting so good that you can no longer jump on the track and compete if you aren’t studying the techniques and finding ways to prepare your body for the event.

What is your best result or favourite memory at a Red Bull Crashed Ice?

-Edmonton race in 2014. Just barely made it into the race because of some open spots that USA had. Loved everything about the track. Had some good heats and some close races – ended up taking my first podium spot, 3rd place. That was also the first race for team UNRL, surprised a few people by taking 3rd place in the team event and having our first podium party as well!

Which stop on the 2015/16 calendar are you most looking forward to and why?
Edmonton! Loved the track and the City – feel like that is a spot that I could see myself doing well in again!

Who is your favorite sports athlete?

Always loved to watch Chris Letang from the Penguins. Smaller guy but super strong and talented. Also I follow him on social media and his off season work is incredible – something to shoot for!