Michael Iulianello

Age:  27

Hometown:  Webster, New York

Occupation:  Retail Merchandising Manager

Season Bib:  39

Wins:  0

Runner Ups:  0

3rd Places:  0

Podiums:  0

Top Ten Positions:  0

Mens World Ranking 2016/2017:  40th

Mens World Championship 2016/2017:  39th

Competing Since:  Quebec 2014

When did you learn to skate?

-When I was 5. My parents signed me up for a hockey camp with no prior experience. I cried the first time I stepped on the ice, but never looked back after that.

Did you play hockey growing up?

-Yes. Youth Hockey = Webster Cyclones AA (NYS State Champs 2010). High School Hockey = Webster Thomas Titans (NYS State Champs 2008). College ACHA = St. Bonaventure University

What other sports did you play growing up?



If you could do anything non-athletic in your spare time, what is it?

-Travel to as many tropical/beach locations as possible. Nothing better than hanging on the beach.

Are there any other good hobbies that you have?

-I usually stay pretty busy between working and training. But, I always like to cross-train any way possible: surfing, skiing, blading, and whatever else I can do to stay active!

Describe going down an icecross downhill track for the first time:

-My first time was in Quebec City 2014. I thought I would be ok since I had a skating background, but I was completely thrown off. There was so much more to it. The jumps, pumps, transitions, everything. The nerves were the craziest I’ve ever felt and I got hooked. I knew how I could improve and get better, which has motivated me to this day.

What are your guilty pleasures? Why do you wake up in the morning?​

-I’m always up for learning something new and accepting the challenge. So waking up in the morning gives me the chance to make it possible. I mean, I started the Crashed Ice dream in February of 2014 and look where I am now. Dream big!

How long have you been competing in ice cross downhill?
-First race = Quebec City 2014. Five races in 2015 (Afton Alps, St. Paul RBCI, Belfast RBCI, Sherbrooke, Edmonton RBCI).

What first got you interested in the sport?
-My College coach showed me a flier for a qualifier in Buffalo for Niagara Falls in 2013. It was too late to make it, so I watched for the 2014 season and jumped on in a qualifier in London, Ontario.

If there is one piece of advice that you could offer new riders, what would it be?
-Enjoy the experience. Your first time will be rough. We all have been there. You can only get better!

But seriously, take it all in. The atmosphere, the track, the other riders, the spectators. It is something special!

What is your best result or favourite memory at a Red Bull Crashed Ice?

-Best result = 17th, RBCI Munich 2016. This course was crazy fast and definitely was not for the faint-hearted with the last jump!

Favorite memory =  This season. Being able to compete with the other boys on Team USA and just enjoy how far I have come and how far the sport has come over the past few years.

Who is your favorite sports athlete?

-Growing up, I always liked Martin St. Louis when he was in Tampa Bay. He was a speedy underdog and a great teammate. Outside of hockey, Derek Carr is a stud of a QB, the comeback kid and a class act.